Content MArketing Package

Packaged for busy business owners who don't have time to be sourcing content. We are here to help ensure your site remains fresh, active and relevant in your audiences eye.
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Benefits for your business


Save time

The greatest benefit of our packages is the time-saving benefit for you and your team.  Research, Writing and promoting all takes time.  Which you get back. 

Channel marketing

Once we have set up and posted on your website. We will take the next steps and promote your article into your social media channels, like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter.


Project Managed

The only thing you need to do is read the article. The rest is all done for you. We will coordinate the writers, implement on your site and promote to your audience. 

Email Ready COpy

Take the pain out writingfor you email cmapaigns, we will provide you with the perfect summary about your articles ready for you to send you customers. 

Taregted & Planned

Right the start we will bring the writers and oursleves to enure the planned articles are aligned to your business goals, keywords and campaigns. 


Professional Writers

Our team on content writers are ready to help you build your online profile with carefully written and crafted articles to match your website and business requirements.

 content marketing package Prices

Feed the website. If you haven’t heard the phrase “Content is King” where have you been? Having fresh regular content is so important if you want your website to be discovered. Though we know you don’t have time. Its why we have have our content, social media and implementation packages, giving you time. 

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10 Week Package

$350 p/week

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20 week package

$330 p/week

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Single Article


What we bring to weekly content package


✓ Content Planning Sessions
✓ Keyword Researched Articles
✓ Royalty-Free Image Access
✓ Social Media Copy 
✓ 600 – 800 word articles
✓ Email Copy for Newsletters

✓ One Round of Article Editing 
✓ Set up of articles on site
✓ Optimise Article for SEO
✓ Promote Article via Social Channels 
✓ Republish Content  
✓ Monthly Article Reporting 

✓ Published Fortnightly
✓ Promoted Weekly 
✓ Campaign Ready Articles
✓ Facebook Pixel Installation
✗ Copywriting services
✗ Load your content and images