Getting Started

Here is our six step process to help you get started with us.

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Step 1

1. What you will need to get started

So that we can begin to start work on your website, you will need to collect the following pieces of information.

  • Your Logo (PNG preferred transparent background, jpeg)
  • Current Hosting and Domain Details (We will need these to help move your current site)
  • Current Website login details

Step 2

2. Content SNARE

We would like to introduce you to Content Snare. It’s how we collect all the necessary information for your website project. It’s where you can upload logos, images and content to be integrated into your new site.  Don’t worry it easy to use and you don’t need to worry about passwords and login details to access as you will be provided with a unique URL to access your area. 

Step 3

3. Trello (Project Tracking)

If you like to track progress, we will give you access to Trello Board to follow your project. Trello is a great online tool and easy to use.  Here you will be able to follow along with the plan and communicate with us on anything related to your project. It’s a great way to keep all the conversations for your website development in one place, so we don’t lose them in with email trails. Best of all its Free to use, you might even find it a handy tool for other work.  Get Started and Learn More about Trello.

Step 4


If you prefer to use DropBox or Google Docs to share your files, we are very open to you using these platforms. We just ask if you could notify us of your intent to use, so we can prepare things from our end in the back end to make it smooth as possible for collecting your content and files.

Step 5


Designing and building website can be an extensive process, with each additional element added outside of the scope adding to time and complexity. We have outlined our process of how we will work with you on designing and shaping your website.


Theme choice and design

This stage can take some time to get right, its why we like to work with themes that are already build to help shape the right layout for your site. We will start with the home page then work on the sub pages.

Development and coding

Once we have the design layout, we will begin by building function and form into your demo site, with the use of your images and content. So that we can have the site looking good before we go live.

Pre-launch checks

Once we move into this stage we are over the 90% mark and your site is almost ready to go live. It’s the stage when we ask you to review the content  You should be excited by now!

Step 6

6. Before we say HEYPRESSGO!

Before we hit the go-live button, we will run through our final checks in the background to remove unwanted pages, plugins, files, images that we no longer need or required to be part of your site. We will then create backups of our work and have them saved should we ever need to roll back to the original files.  Once we hit live it’s important you refreshed your Cache in your internet browsers,  as this could block any last minute changes or updates we have made to your site.

Now that we are live we will begin the process of rolling you into the Post Launch Phase, where we will provide details for any training in WordPress you require, provide you with access logins and codes to your site. It’s important you keep these safe, we will also encourage you to update your sites passwords every 60 days. We encourage our clients to use a password management tool like LastPass. 

You will also receive information from us about the next a final stage Moving Forward stage with some great tips, and ideas to get your site really working for you, the way you want it to work. We are also going to be around over the next 30 days just to check-in and make sure things are working and no last minute bugs have appeared. 



If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact. If you haven’t completed the interview questionnaire we encourage you to start this process.

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