Sydney web designers

Our Five way process

We do the heavy lifting when it comes to designing and building your small business website. 

There will be times when we will need your input, especially around copy, content, images and other media. We will work with you from Discovery to Launching your site. 

Getting Started

Book your project:
  1. Submit online inquiry
  2. Arrange a project meeting
  3. Sign online proposal & contract
  4. Pay your deposit

3. Development Phase

Laying the foundations:
  • Collection of content
  • Design Site layouts
  • Develop demo site
  • Build & develop site

1. Discovery Phase

Know your business
  • Receive welcome pack
  • Join project tracker
  • Book Discovery call
  • Begin Discovery tasks

4. Launch Phase

Checks before heypressgo
  • Setup hosting + Support
  • Final tests and checks
  • Launch your site
  • Share and admire

2. Design Phase

Design for objectives
  • Schedule design call
  • Discuss design layouts
  • Approve design concepts
  • Design to your brand

5. Post-Launch Phase

Supporting your business
  • Receive training
  • Provided with support details
  • Access details to your new site
  • Refer us to others!

How, Why, When, What

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer support for websites?

Absolutely! Actually one of the main reasons behind HeyPressgo is to provide support to business owners who want to have a good looking website and know we have their backs covered. All packages come with Technical Support to ensure your techy and geek questions are answered, really handy for those what we call “oops moments” when something is not working right.

We offer a support package which enables a business to have someone on hand to help change some images, load a video file into the site, update the way facebook looks in the sidebar, or load some content into the blog or pages. It’s great support for those businesses that know their time is far more important than worrying about “how do I post my monthly article”.

If you have support question – you can send an email to and one of our team members will respond.

Will you back up our website?
As part of your monthly package we ensure that your site is backed up daily, so we can roll back to the previous day back up if required. It’s always nice to feel secure its the HeyPressGo feeling.
Do you lock clients into a contract?

No, you are not locked into any contracts.

However as mentioned in our terms and conditions we are subscription-based service,  where we build and provide a site for you to your specifications within design elements we provide.  If you want to pack up and move on from us and take your site we offer a buyout process which covers the cost of preparing the files, code, design and content files so that its ready for a new home where ever you move. It will be sad to see you leave 

You will always own your domain, and whatever content (words, images, videos, files) which is associated with your site.

How much does it cost to have website?
We have various pricing plans available to help with any growing or established business. See the Pricing table for a plan which works for you.

  1. First Month Costs:   Build Costs for Site + Plan Cost
  2. Second Month Costs: Plan Cost
  3. Third Month Costs: Plan Cost
Will you help us with the design and layout?
Yes we definitely help with your look at feel, when you sign up we quickly work through a discovery phase to help lock down the look at feel for your site, we will show you some more example sites based on our demo sites and work with you to help pick the right pages to meet the objectives of your site. This is a really important step in our process. After we go live, we know there are always tweaks and adjustment and are more than happy to tweak those finer details.
Can we get reports for our site?
Yes,  every site managed by HeyPressgo will have to report available. Now some of the reporting is tech stuff, but it’s good to know and monitor to ensure your site is performing to its best potential, we will also provide updates on maintenance we have carried out behind the scenes to ensure your site is humming! The other great report you will receive is your traffic report identifying your site traffic and visitors.  If you purchased the Business Package we will also work with you to set up a google analytics report which can provide you with even more in-depth reporting.

Reports you will receive 

  • Traffic Reports
  • Updates and Maintenance
  • Optimisation
Can you manage our current website?
If you have a wordpress site yes we can manage your site for you,  however before we commit to we would like to have a look at your site to ensure it would fit with our hosting and management services
How long does a site take to build
Depending on the scope of the project we are currently producing websites in 14 to 30 days. For a straight Theme Install, we can have this done in under 24 hours for you.

Your first step

Complete our free website questionnaire to help match the type of website you require for your business.