Affordable Quick Websites

When all you want is a simple, easy to use website for your business.

The fast and easy website package is tailored to swiftly establish your business with presence without compromising on professionalism or individuality. 

The initial cost covers the site setup and customisation, while a affordable monthly fee includes hosting, monitoring, and care management.

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Do any of these sound familiar?

Not sure where to start?

Feeling muddled up, confused how to get a website up and running. 

You really need some guidance.

Know you need someone, but confused on who to trust to provide guidance on getting a website

Just no available time!

You are way too busy  juggling work and family life to be learning how to DIY a website.

What if I told you that

The Easy & Fast Package solves all these problems for you!

What’s in the package

Flexibilty and options at a great price!


Mobile Responsive Website

What’s included?

Endless Possibilities

A library of Pre-styled Modules

All templates come packed with a huge range of modules and features to enhance your websites online presence. Though we dare not list them as the essence of the good website is picking the right features for your website, less is more. More can be added easily as required.

Add extra pages

Even though this package is designed to to get you set up with 3 pages. To create extra pages for your website is easy. We will leave you with instructional videos on how to do. Hey, don’t have time we are more than happy to help create those extra pages as you need. 

Custom Blog & Portfolio

All templates come with a blog & project posts available.  You are more than welcome to setup, design your blog after your site is live. Otherwise,  we are more than happy to help style and set this up correctly when you are ready to drive traffic to your website. 

Whats the Process

Simple step by step plan

In less than 7 days, have your website up and running.

That’s right in less than seven days have your Easy and Fast website package up and running. We will guide you through the process, to help achieve it quicker by getting your ducks in row. 🦆 🦆 🦆


Step 1

Pick your website package

Just select the website package that best suits your needs, and choose from the available options and features included with the package.

Step 2

Choose Hosting and Care Package

Every website needs a home and we have monthly  care packages that ensure your investment is being looked after and cared for. 

Step 3

Design, Check, Launch 

We will go work through your choosen design and customise, then run through our checklist before pushing it live in under 7 days. 

#1 Customisable Templates

Three designs to choose from

$1,500 + hosting

Natural Template

Home, About, Services, Contact, Pricing

The natural template is a flexible and customisable template, perfect for showcasing products and services. We have actually used it for building holiday rental sites, which demonstrates how adaptable and versatile it is to work with.

$1,500 + hosting

Professional Trade Template

Page Options: Home, About, Services, Contact,

The tradie template is a versatile and customizsable template that provides clear calls to action. It works well for a range of trades such as plumbers, lawn mowing, consultants, and freelancers and trade professionals.

$1,500 + hosting

Supreme Template

Page Options: Home, About, Services, Contact,

The sumpreme template is a two tone website, with a professional character. Its great when used with targeted copywriting that allows you to capture attention. It works well for a range of professions, freelancers, health professionals, doctors etc.

Highest Quality Templates

We have tested and picked some of the best Divi template designs, for a range of websites.

Packaged with features

All templates have a range of features and inclusions which can be used to enhance your website.

Secure Checkout

When hosted and managed with us, all sites come with free SSL certificates and enhanced security benefits.