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Affordable website design

Jun 26, 2018 | website design

Best way to find Affordable website designers in Sydney

Is it possible to get an affordable website design in Sydney? What are your options and where should you start. Why it is sometimes better to engage with a website designer over building a site yourself using Wix, Squarespace or other ready to build online products.

Where to start your search for an affordable designer.

The best place to start is local find a search out for a website designer and developer in your local area. In our area, I would be searching for Mona Vale Website Designer or Mona Vale Website developer. Don’t worry about the first results you see these are often the paid results. These businesses at the top are paying top dollar for keywords around the term “website designer”.  What I like to do when searching is to scroll to bottom then work my way back up again.  I’m looking for site names and descriptions that appeal and answer my search question. It also demonstrates the designer and developer has a good understanding of SEO principles and has integrated the right information into the site so it is showing up in your feed.


Okay, So now you have a found a few local developers. Save their details and try some other searches, head over to facebook and search for website developers that might be local to your area. If you’re lucky you might start to see the same developer you spotted in your search results, a good developer should be active or present in social media as well. It’s a good indicator to show they understand the importance of using other marketing channels.

So what questions should you ask your website designer

  • Ask them for references for other work. Don’t always take what you see on their site as gospel.
  • Ask them what they like to build their sites in. Like us, we love WordPress for many reasons check out this blog post for details.
  • How much? Finding an affordable website designer in Sydney will come with varying prices. If they are doing a custom build expect the cost for your website to start at $3,000 depending on the complexities and pages being designed.

Don’t Assume the website Designer gets it.

Never assume the website designer gets you, you could be thinking round corners while the designer is thinking square corners.  It’s important you sit down with the designer and developer and work through what you want your site to do. We always sit down or do a video call and get our clients to work through an interview questionnaire. Its important to us and also to our clients and establish a starting point to what, how, when it comes to building the site.  We always recommend that you have some brand standards in place before doing a job, its also a great way to ensure the website designer incorporates you brand message into your new site. If you live in the Sydney or Mona Vale area of the Sydney and are looking for a brand designer to help build your business brand we can recommend Belle Creative at www.bellecreative.com.au


Do it yourself website designer

There are many products available for building your own site online. Now, these sites are great but they can also come with risks. Firstly you don’t own the racecourse in which you build your site on. If they want to close down well they could take your site offline. The second thing is that they tend to be cheap to get up and running, but when you want to bring in other functionality into the site they will be extra costs involved. The third point, do you have time to be mucking around building your site when you could be outgrowing your business, putting in processes and strategy to build your business might be a better use of your time. If you are wanting to build yourself I recommend watching the following video.

business owner using wordpress

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