Conversations with Beckie Lee about Engaging with a content writer for your website.

Podcast with Becki lee
Mar 27, 2020

In this episode, I’m talking with Beckie Lee from Jazzywords all about content writers and copywriters and ways in which business owners can work with a content writer to help them produce content for their website.

With this episode aimed at small business owners and their websites, we cover a range of topics and questions around content writers from the difference between a content writer and copywriter, how to find and work with a content writer, how much it costs to engage and work with a content writer, things to expect and prepare to work with a content writer, plus so much more.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about

  • Difference between content writers the same as copywriter writers?
  • Common mistakes business owners are making when it comes to website copy
  • Tips and ideas to prepare for working with a content writer.
  • Are all content writer the same or do they have specialities and certain styles of writing
  • How should a business owner seek to find a copywriter that is the right fit for their business?
  • How do content writer charge for their services? Upfront, Payment options, monthly retainers.
  • What is the typical price range for copywriting services
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Resources Discussed


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