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Arch Capital wanted a website that reflected their business brand, and was targeted to the cliental and customer base that use their services.

We have been working with James and his team for many years, the work they provide is outstanding. They have been so supportful to our own growth and sucess and ensuring the website is a contributing factor.

Nigel Baker

Director, Arch Capital Investments

Frequent Questions

These are some of the more requested questions we get upfront, hopefully these can help provide a little more guidance. 

How much does a website cost?

Determining the cost of your website is not a straightforward task.

It depends on various factors such as the desired functionality, amount of information, and level of customization. Providing answers to these questions will greatly assist us in estimating the cost accurately.

We do not offer a fixed price for a five-page website because we believe it restricts the discovery process and flexibility of the project.

Typically, clients invest between $7,000 and $9,000 for blog/portfolio websites, while ecommerce websites can cost upwards of $9,000.

Please note that these figures do not include copywriting, which is essential unless you are an experienced web copywriter or marketer.

How many pages do I need?

Do you have specific requirements for your website? How much information do you plan to include?

It’s important to consider that there are other options for organising information, such as blog and product categories, sub pages, forms, and schemas.

That’s why we believe it’s beneficial to have a conversation about your project and carefully plan how to organise your information.

Sometimes you might just need a 1 page landing page with a blog attached.

Why do you build with wordpress?

There are many ways today to make a website.  This is why we like to use wordpress. 

WordPress is a content management software that is open source and widely used, being responsible for powering approximately 34% of all websites on the Internet. It is a project that benefits from the contributions of numerous developers from different parts of the world, and it continues to grow and improve. With WordPress, I am able to create websites that are flexible and customizable, while adhering to modern standards and best practices in web development. Additionally, the extensive community of WordPress users, consisting of web developers from all over, enables us to tap into a vast pool of knowledge and experience to enhance your project. This is definitely a positive aspect of using WordPress.

How long does a project take?

The duration required to create a website is dependent on factors such as the size and complexity of the site, as well as the quality of the content you have prepared. It is important to note that without content, a website cannot be developed. Generally, a basic website can be completed in approximately 10 weeks, provided that all the necessary content is readily available.

We have built website in under week, where customers have had all the content and images ready to go and the site is simplistic in context. 

Is training and support provided?

Absolutely! All of our wonderful clients receive a one-hour training session on how to maintain their website. As part of this training, you will receive a video recording of your session, as well as a online video manuals that will be installed on your site for convenient reference.

We also provide ongoing trainging and support for the clients who aer under our support care plans. 

Domain and Hosting Setup can you help?

Certainly, we can assist you in setting this up and collaborate with your current provider.

Our hosting services are provided through digital ocean.

For optimal performance, we do not build websites on cheap hosted sites (godaddy, crazy domains, etc) as we cannot ensure a certain level of performance.

Through our experience, we have found digital ocean servers to be exceptional in every aspect.

We recommend you purchase or hold onto your domain registery infromation yourself and just provide access to the DNS management.

We can help guide you if this is still confusing, as it can get complicated depending on your domain registry.

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Are you ready or Still have Questions?

Our personality is not to rush or push clients, but to educate.

If your not sure what you need or not clear of what your next steps are feel free to to get in contact I’m more than to happy provide you some guidance to what your next steps should be.